No waiting rooms, no co-pays - just quality healthcare.

Talk, text, or call - our experienced physicians are here to diagnose, treat and care for you and your family from your phone or desktop.

This is what your future as a Hippo Health member looks like:

No co-pays.

No waiting rooms.

No office fees.

Unlimited quality care from expert doctors.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? Our platform is easy to use - just sign up, download the app and start messaging with our experienced doctors. No health insurance is necessary, and Hippo offers low-cost plans for both individuals and families. One more thing: our doctors are local to Colorado, so if you need a referral or specialist, they know who to call.

Back in the day, physicians used to have the pleasure practicing their profession while building solid relationships with their patients. The business was founded on community, integrity, and the true desire to help those in need.

Today, that luxury has been lost behind technology, administration processes, and medical costs.

Rising medical expenses, limited amounts of time with patients, and the constant need to do more with less has taken a toll on both doctors and patients.

Telemedicine allows physicians to find greater flexibility in scheduling, while caring for their patients, quickly and efficiently.

We can help with...

Coughs, colds and the flu - treatments and prescriptions.

Questions about medications - usage, dosage and side effects.

Cuts and scrapes - how to avoid infections and heal quickly.

...and so much more. Have a persistent chest cold? Not sure if you need stitches? Need a second opinion? Hippo Health has you covered.

Digital health is here.

Hippo's platform is available to physicians who want to offer patients superior service

If you’re a physician seeking more flexibility and efficiency in your operations while maintaining a superior level of care, Hippo Health is for you. The Hippo Health platform is available for Colorado providers who want to see and treat their patients on the service directly. Interested in learning more? Please contact us for a demo of our unique application.

Seasoned Professionals with a Specialization in Emergency Care

It takes years of experience in the medical field to become a confident, skilled, and well-rounded physician. That’s why every doctor on our staff has a minimum of 10 years of experience--after formal residency training at top programs--in diagnosing medical issues, treating illnesses, and working with patients.

When using the Hippo Health App, you’ll never have to worry about a first-year med student using you as an experiment or test dummy. Phew!

The care providers at Hippo Health are all emergency care physicians--a specialization you rarely have access to at a normal health clinic. With an emergency care background, our doctors are equipped to handle any medical problem from diagnosing the flu to strokes, heart attacks, and massive traumatic injuries. Hippo is not meant for medical emergencies like strokes, heart attacks, or massive traumas, nor are we a 911 service. However, we can help you sort out urgent issues or any ailment where you are not sure where to go for the next steps for care.

Having a well-rounded team of physicians with access to all your history on the app eliminates the problem of you becoming a human ping-pong ball that’s consistently batted around to doctors who struggle to diagnose your health concern.

The longer you’re in the medical field, the easier it is to establish connections with other trusted healthcare providers. Hippo Health doctors have relationships with trusted healthcare professionals in the Colorado community and are building a team network to serve you. If we can’t help you fully solve your medical issue, we will certainly help guide you to the right medical care professional who can.

We promise the physician we connect you with won’t be a thousand miles away asking you to spell out your name with the “A as in Apple” method. We offer local medical care, not computer repair services after all.

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