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Hippo Health Subscription for Individual Use

Perfect for people who need fast and affordable access to healthcare. For the low membership price of $19 a month, you’ll save time and money by avoiding costly office visits and unnecessary trips to the doctor.

Hippo Health Subscription for Family Use

For the many colds, flus, scrapes and sprains your family could experience this year, the $37/month family plan offers affordability and convenience for families of up to 7 people.

For Local Organizations and Businesses

We offer deeply discounted pricing to Colorado's small businesses and organizations. Provide your employees with a high-quality healthcare option at an affordable price, while boosting employee retention and morale.

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What Coloradans Have to Say

Coloradoans have discovered a way to save time and money on their health care, avoiding high-cost Urgent Care centers and unnecessary office visit fees.


Denver, Colorado

"I hate to go to the doctor, and Hippo gives me the option to easily talk with a doctor in Colorado without disrupting my busy life when I’m sick and not wanting to go anywhere. They have been able to help me with my medical questions and illnesses over a period of days. I get more in depth advice right when I’m having an issue, rather than needing to fit all my questions into a 15 minute visit. The service is really unique and valuable for me."


Boulder, CO

"I love using Hippo. If one of us in our family comes down with a nasty virus or bad illness and I’m not 100% sure what to do, I can easily get advice, treatment options, and even prescriptions from a local expert doctor in a matter of minutes. It takes the guess work out of my medical care needs and helps keep us all healthy!"


Boulder, CO

“Hippo helps our whole family stay on top of any health issues and gives all of us incredible access to a great team of physicians. We love to travel, and it gives us an open communication line anytime with a caring doctor whenever we are on the road. Prior to having Hippo, I had a respiratory infection that was not getting better and I felt I was unable to get the care I needed. Once I was with Hippo, the doctor spent 30 minutes really listening to what was going on and prescribed a course of treatment which finally worked and took care of the infection! It’s really been a wonderful service that gives us a great relationship with a local care team of established physicians."