How Hippo Health Turned Unbilled Phone Calls Into 36% Increase In Annual Revenue

Hippo Health is a telehealth platform that gives orthopedic clinicians and their patients access to an easy-to-use application for virtual visits. Driven by a philosophy of improving provider/patient outcomes and satisfaction at every touchpoint the work resulted in transformative changes for every Hippo Health customer.

Hippo Health is committed to building tools that help grow orthopedic practices, whether through increasing billable encounters, reducing clinician burnout, or elevating patient satisfaction. Founded by emergency physicians, working closely with those in the field has become a cornerstone of Hippo Health’s innovation.


“We have a busy practice of five orthopedic surgeons with wait times of four weeks out for new patient visits–a great problem to have, but patient satisfaction and access to our providers has always been a top priority. To keep the clinic as free as possible for higher acuity visits and to get patients their results or answer their questions, I was spending hours each week, making phone calls to stay ahead. Unfortunately, the billable codes for telephone conversations was not matching the details of the discussions,” said Brandon Kolodzek PA-C Peak Orthopedics and Spine, Denver, CO.

While phone calls were suitable for some visits, it was also essential to find a solution that could allow for visual diagnosis and easy radiologic image review, especially for surgery candidates. Lastly, while the practice was growing their patient population expanded geographically and leakage was always top of mind. “We needed a way to see the patient before and after their primary treatment–to review MRI Images, for example, in a way that I could point things out to them,” Kolodzek said.


In September, 2018, Kolodzek began using Hippo Health platform to see patients virtually for Pre-Op Visits, Post-Op Follow Up, MRI Imaging Review, Diagnostic Test Results, and Post-Injection Follow Ups. He stated, “With the Hippo Health platform, I have been able to triage, schedule and treat my patients in a more efficient manner. Besides the improved efficiency both in-office and financially, my patients are experiencing the benefits as well thru decreased travel times, reduced office wait times, quicker access to available appointments, and faster times to treatment.”

Unreimbursed phone calls were replaced by billable video encounters. “With Colorado being a ‘parity state’, I was able to bill for my time the same as an in-office visit. Patients have enjoyed the ease of initiating the visit and the comfort of having their conversations at home with their significant others, who at times often miss the visit because of their own personal commitments.” Most importantly, unlike pricey enterprise EMRs, it was fast and easy to learn. “The product was seamlessly integrated into our practice and our patients have loved its use thus far,” he said.




increase in est. annual revenue



increase in high-acuity office visits


How Clinicians Use Hippo Health To Capture Unrealized Revenue & Decompress Wait Times


Improve Efficiency & Capture New Reimbursement - Unclog your clinic by conducting pre-op, MRI / lab reviews, post-op and post injection patient visits remotely. Convert informal phone-based visits to easily scheduled HIPAA-compliant video chat. Get reimbursed up to $70-$100 per encounter.  

Attract Higher Acuity Patients - Open up your in-person clinic visits for more higher acuity patients who are surgical & procedural candidates.Generate more meaningful revenue for your practice and get patients in need seen more quickly.

Save Patients Time & Improve Satisfaction - Get patients results quickly so they can avoid waiting in queue to get another office visit. Eliminate drive time and waiting room wait times. Get patients the results they want more quickly. Improve patient satisfaction and long-term patient loyalty to your practice.