What You Need To Know + Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know

The Fine Print

All Hippo Health service charges are transparent. When using our service, you will never receive surprise bills or unexpected service fees. You pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to our local physician team from 8 AM until midnight everyday.


Once you select your Hippo Health plan and submit your credit card information, your card will be billed monthly. We accept all major credit cards and bank debit cards. You can also pay with your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or your HSA (Health Savings Account) bank card or debit card.

Recurring Bill Pay

Once you opt in for a Hippo Health plan, your card will be billed after your free trial ends. Unless you cancel your plan before the next billing cycle, your card will continue to automatically be billed on a monthly basis. You can cancel your Hippo Health plan at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many answers to common questions about Hippo Health can be found below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Hippo Health

What is Hippo Health?

Hippo Health is an app-based medical service that provides people instant and affordable access to Colorado-based, board-certified emergency room physicians. Our app connects you to a local physician within a few minutes of sending a text message.

How do I sign up for Hippo Health?

Signing up for Hippo Health is easy and takes only a few minutes. Simply select the type of plan that meets your needs, then download the app, and instantly gain access to our board-certified local emergency room physicians.

Sign Up Now

When can I use Hippo Health services?

The service is available everyday from 8 AM until midnight Mountain standard time. Sign up now and give the service a try! Let us know what you think after you connect with one of our local physicians for your medical concern.

Where is Hippo Health available?

If you live in Colorado, the Hippo Health service is available to you anywhere you can access your smartphone or desktop/laptop.

What languages are offered on Hippo Health?

English is the primary language spoken. We do have Spanish-speaking physicians on the service, but cannot guarantee that they will be available for every communication that takes place.

What technology do I need to use Hippo Health?

Hippo Health operates on your desktop, or is available for download on iTunes for your iPhone (we plan to launch the Android mobile app in summer of 2018). You can access Hippo Health on any web browser on your desktop, laptop or Android smartphone.

How much does Hippo Health cost?

You can use the Hippo App for FREE for up to 1 month if you sign up early or if you give or receive a personal referral to join.

After your free trial, Hippo Health is $19 a month billed semi-annually for an individual user. $15 a month if you choose an annual membership.

For families, Hippo Health is $37 a month billed semi-annually for up to 7 family members. $30 a month if you choose an annual membership. $5 a month for each additional family member over 7 members.

You can pay with your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or your HSA (Health Savings Account) bank card or debit card.

Hippo Health Providers

Who are the Hippo Health providers?

The Hippo Health medical team is comprised of some of Colorado’s finest emergency physicians.

What are the physicians’ qualifications?

All Hippo Health providers are certified emergency physicians that have worked together in busy, service-oriented, high-acuity emergency departments for 15+ years on average.

If the provider recommends that I see a specialist or primary care physician, do I still pay for the visit?

The cost of the Hippo Health subscription covers the expenses of every communication you have with Hippo Health providers. You will not get a refund on the service if you are in need of more specialized care and are referred to a different doctor.

That being said, for the low subscription cost, you are able to access Hippo Health providers over the span of your subscription period as many times as you need for any new or existing medical concerns.

If you accept an appointment with a physician you are referred to, you are responsible for the costs associated with the services they provide.


Can a Hippo Health provider prescribe medications?

Yes. If deemed necessary, Hippo Health providers are certified physicians that can prescribe prescriptions. They cannot prescribe narcotics or lifestyle medications like Viagra.

What if I need tests, x-rays, or lab work?

If x-rays or lab work is necessary, Hippo Health physicians will be able to help you set up an appointment to visit a facility to get x-rays or lab work done. We are connected within the Denver and Boulder communities to help expedite cost-effective diagnostics.


Are Hippo Health services safe and private?

Yes. All communication via the Hippo Health App is HIPAA compliant, private, and secure.

Will I have a record of my Hippo Health visit?

Yes. You will be able to see every prior visit you have had to quickly access any prior relevant information.

How can I see my child or spouse’s medical record?

You can create individual accounts for each of your family members and then select who has access to that record within your family so that you can see your child’s medical record while your personal record is not accessible to others.