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  Tuesday June 20th 2017

How it Works

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We will contact you when we go live this June with the Hippo iPhone and Web Apps!

Download the App

Download the Hippo app on your smart phone or computer when available

Select a Membership

Select a Hippo membership that’s right for you or your family

Send a Quick Message

Communicate right away with one of our veteran board certified emergency physicians about your current ailment or injury

Receive a Diagnosis

Receive a diagnosis, medical advice, and/or written prescriptions in minutes. Get xrays, labs, and expert local guidance as well

Why Us?

High-Tech Care with a Hometown Touch


Hippo care providers are local board certified emergency physicians who are well known in the Colorado community. Thanks to our strong community roots, we are able to connect patients with the absolute best care.


The Hippo app connects you to a medical professional within a few minutes of sending your question or concern. No more sitting in waiting rooms for hours or waiting days to make an appointment.


Every doctor on the Hippo staff has at least 10 years of experience in emergency medical care. Let our experienced physicians, who are trained to treat a large variety of ailments, take care of you this time around.

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