The 21st Century Healthcare Giants start to take Shape.

Geisinger Health System has become a leader in building a bricks and mortar care organization that does a great job at patient care, clinician satisfaction, service and cost containment. With their CEO joining Google, we will start to see the potential of AI and the software industry really move the needle on how medical care can and will be delivered in the future.

Established EMR's, insurance plans, health systems, distributors, device companies, drug companies and group purchasing organizations often have tight control on pricing, information flow and opacity of what is upcharged and what is not. Companies like Google and Amazon will have the power to potentially shape care delivery from the ground up to deliver care at a fraction of the cost while delighting the patients and the clinicians in the trenches.

kevin [2:35 PM]

It will inevitably be a slow process, as healthcare is usually 20 years behind most technology industries. However, it will take new innovative companies with the know-how and the resources to start with a fresh piece of paper and build new end-to-end population health models in communities that will move over and allow for new white space. It's a $3 trillion dollar market today, and the tech giants need new terrain to grow their market cap. We shall see if traditional or bloated health systems can survive the launch of new, lean end-to-end models that are built with national leverage over suppliers and payers in a unique way. Again, it will be a slow evolution but the convergence of technology today and market inefficiencies will lead to major disruption of the status quo.

Kevin McGarvey