Medicare continues to reimburse more for telehealth.

Medicare Advantage and Part D plans to cover additional telehealth benefits starting in 2020. The agency said the proposed change would result in an estimated $4.5 billion in recouped savings over a 10-year period.

With continued reimbursement and policy change occurring with CMS, telehealth will continue to see more implementation and adoption across more complicated areas of healthcare. Chronic disease management and complex illness management over time will start to utilize telehealth and supplemental technologies in a way that allow for better monitoring of serious illness in the remote setting.

Over the next 5-10 years, CMS reimbursement will catch up to the technology that is already widely available in other industries. However, healthcare may see the greatest impact of any industry to date. With the current cost of facility fees, new models of outpatient care and bundled payments will be empowered by forward-thinking clinicians who seek to outcompete legacy care models that are slower, more expensive and lower quality.

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Jason Sperling