hippo health

A Total Care Communication Hub for Patients and Providers

Easy collaboration for the entire care team


Save Money

Balance the significant resources in-person care requires with telemedicine.


Maximize Time

Increase your team's efficiency and see greater returns.


Minimize Effort

Streamline your operations with Hippo Health's mutli-channel communication hub.



Invest in the future of your practice

We're not just another telemedicine platform. Hippo Health is a central hub of information and communication - a place to find and file records, share updates with other providers, and text, talk or video chat with patients and caregivers. 



Health Benefits 2.0

Up-level your benefit offering to meet the future of healthcare. Provide Hippo Health's easy-to-use telemedicine platform to your populations for a superior virtual care experience. Our platform means fewer claims, lower costs, and happier people.




Talk to a doctor - when it's convenient for you

Your days of sitting in a waiting room are over. Hippo Health offers per visit pricing, as well as flexible subscription plans for individuals and families, so you can talk, text or video chat with a board-certified doctor within minutes of connecting through our easy-to-use app.


Saddle Up, Partners

Changing behaviors and bringing transparency to healthcare takes strength in numbers. Hippo Health API bolsters your digital health offering with on-demand communication capabilities. Let's usher in the future of digital health - together.


What is Hippo Health about?

Our mission: to change the healthcare industry by offering a superior tool for providers, payers and patients. 


Optimize Communication, Operations & Efficiency

You went into the healthcare field to care for people and their health. Let us help you return to doing just that.