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How It Works

1. Select a Membership

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2. Download the App

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3. Send a Message

Immediately talk to a board certified emergency physician about your ailment or injury from 8 AM until midnight.

4. Receive Care

Get a diagnosis, medical advice or written prescriptions in minutes and get x-rays or labs ordered.

High-Tech Medical Care with a Hometown Touch


Our providers are local emergency physicians who are well known in the Colorado community and can connect patients with the best care.


We connect you to a medical professional within minutes of your message any day from 8 AM until 12 AM, so you don’t have to sit in a waiting room.


Every doctor has at least ten years of experience in emergency medicine and can take care of a wide array of ailments and conditions.

Why Us?

Many Colorado residents are making the switch and using the Hippo Health physician team as an efficient and affordable way to take care of their medical care needs. Here’s what they have to say about it...


Boulder, Colorado

“I was impressed with the prompt response I received, and relieved I didn't need to rush to the hospital. Making a last-minute appointment around our family and work schedule is a challenge, so the convenience and cost savings were invaluable.”


Boulder, CO

"Hippo Health has been a game changer for me when I can't get in with a doctor easily. I hate to waste money and time at the ER or urgent care. With Hippo, the doctor is right there talking with me on my phone and helping me out right away. It has been really different experience to have access to affordable expert medical care."


Golden, CO

"Hippo has been great for our family. We can immediately communicate a concern and figure out a plan with a top local doctor in a matter of minutes. I love that there aren’t any hidden fees or surprise bills. The service is always top notch when I’m worried about one of my kids or sick myself. Hippo makes our health care easy!"

Why We're Doing This

The traditional method of scheduling doctor appointments, sitting for hours in waiting rooms, and spending too much money on easy-to-fix health problems is something no one should have to deal with.

As medical professionals, we know firsthand how challenging the current healthcare system can be, and firmly believe that there is a better way to provide healthcare services to people who are not experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency. Help us start to fix our broken healthcare system by joining Hippo Health today.

When you use the Hippo Health App, we promise to provide you with expert care at a price you can afford. No more running to the emergency room only to come home with a bill that costs more than your monthly rent. You can even pay with your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) to help cover your costs.

It’s time to leave transactional patient/doctor interactions in the past and provide our community with an easy-to-access, compassionate, and immediate medical care option that is enjoyable for both patients and healthcare providers.